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pleasure and bliss

Gentle and relaxing erotic massage
for men in the "Soho Room" salon

Our girls


Popular services

  • service1_1
    Body massage
    1 hour - 900 UAH
    Full body massage, 1 erotica
  • service2
    Women's secrets
    1 hour - 1200 UAH
    Full body massage + 1 erotica + kisses or touches (optional)
  • service3
    VIP 1
    1 hour - 1500 UAH
    Массаж всего тела, 1 эротика + поцелуи + прикосновения + 1 душ с девушкой
  • service4
    VIP 2
    1 hour - 1700 UAH
    Массаж всего тела, 2 эротики + поцелуи + прикосновения + 1 душ с девушкой
  • service5
    2 hour - 2200 UAH
    Массаж всего тела, 2 эротики + прикосновения + поцелуи + пип-шоу + массаж лингам + массаж головы
  • service6
    VIP +
    90 min - 1800 UAH
    Full body massage, 2 erotica + kisses + touches + 2 showers with a girl

About us

The main goal of the session is to completely relax the client. You will immerse yourself in an intimate atmosphere of comfort, where a charming masseuse will work every muscle in your body.

Unlike traditional massage, which is often not so pleasant, but still useful, erotic massage Kiev with girls “Red Light” is a real pleasure! Here, pain never dominates pleasure and erotic pleasure, there are no prohibitions and clearly delineated zones of influence!

Our girls go crazy with caressing the most intimate areas on your body! What is a relaxing body massage without gentle pranks on the buttocks?


Why us

Cozy atmosphere

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